Marking Our Home started in 2012 as a hobby home decor blog as a means to keep family updated
Dog Wearing Custom Collaron our new home's renovations. The blog grew and grew and Marking Our Home became the one stop shop for all things DIY pallet floor! We no longer update the blog, but you can still read all the blog archives.  The sewing side of Marking Our Home was born out of a love for crafting and a love of giving. I created custom, embroidered dog collars as a part of a Random Acts of Kindness challenge for a sweet dog named Abby.  After some (okay, a lot!) of encouragement from my loving and supportive husband I started selling them on Etsy. 


I've always sewn, even as a child, but I learned real techniques of sewing, embroidery, and quilting from my dear friend, Susan, when I was living in Virginia. She had a sewing room filled to the brim with machines (mainly BERNINAs) and was kind enough to give me free reign on them. I played with her machines for a long time before I finally saved up to by my own BERNINA, the 580. I then went on to work at a BERNINA dealer where I was the one selling people their dream machines and teaching sewing techniques. In fact, you'll find several shops on etsy that were started after my they bought machines and took their classes from me! Since then I've added bigger and faster machines to my collection to create the Marking Our Home "team."

Marking Our Home in Country Living magazineRecently, one of the items from my shop found it's way into Country Living Magazine! You can find my monogrammed luggage tags in the February 2015 issue.  You can see them here at the top left of the photo.  Additionally, my groomsmen socks were order by Tracey Morgan for his wedding in August of 2015.

It's safe to say Marking Our Home has come a long way since DIY and dog collars, but I'm glad you're here and I hope you love the new road we're heading down!